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Damien Donck is an accomplished photographer specializing in portraits and products.  At the age of 12, Damien moved from Antwerp, Belgium to rural Georgia in the USA.  He always loved taking photographs with his mother’s camera and one day she gave him the camera as a gift.  Following his passion and talent for photography, Damien attended and graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta and then moved to NYC to pursue his career in photography. He worked as an assistant for many renowned photographers and eventually opened his own studio in Manhattan.  His clients ranged from fashion publications to design houses and advertising agencies in New York.  While managing his studio, Damien was offered an opportunity to work for Newsweek Magazine as a Staff Studio Photographer.  During this time, Damien moved to Northern New Jersey with his family and continues to work with a variety of clients while also pursuing the artistic side of his craft.

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